Hello! Is there anybody in there?


I have been considering blogging for quite a while. People used to tell me, you can write good, why don’t you start a blog. I replied, ya okay, I will think about it and succumbed to one of my most cherished personality traits- “Laziness”.

The Joker, one of my most worshiped creature said and I quote “You see madness, as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little PUSH!”

Surprisingly, it was my laziness which gave me this push to start blogging. I was found cozying  in my bed(apparently the place on earth with maximum gravitational force)  when I was supposed to complete my assignments when a thought occurred to me. My mind started to weave things around that thought and I somehow felt I should write it down.

My study desk, which I have pulled close to my bed again due to the laziness obliged and presented me with a pen and my diary. And then BAM! here I am with my first post.

Expect the thoughts of  a not-so-special mind which has rendered itself “A Social Outcast” obsessed with football, entrepreneurship, mythology, music and theater.

Be my guest for a healthy discussion if you find my writings interesting and debatable!

Following up is my write up “The Blind Side” talking about the society, some very special people and my take on it!



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